2 Way A/C PTAC Power Splitter


Converts 20 Amp/220 VAC air conditioner receptacle to 2/110 VAC plugs. Warning: This product / power adapter is to only be used in conjunction with the Radial 8, Elite 4, Elite 8, and the Universal Fan Heaters. 

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rental heater

High Temp/ Low Amp Bed Bug Fan


The Ultimate High Temp / Low Amp Bed Bug Fan. Used to keep the heat moving along the floor and walls. Make sure you have enough fans to get the heat where it needs to go. Daisy Chain up to 9 fans per 20 amp circuit! Use to circulate heat around the room.

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Extension Cord Kit


Provides an additional Two (2) 15' and two (2) 50' extension cords to your heat package. Perfect for when you need extra length to reach circuits from the other side of the premises.

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four bundles of extension cords

accessory kit

Power Distribution Kit


Takes 240v dryer or electric range outlets and steps the power down to two 120v circuits. This can power two heating elements on the Elite 4 Bedbug Heater! Great for situations where available circuits are limited or more power is needed to run another

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Bed Bug Heat Indicator and Verification Sensor Label

2 for $12.00

4 for $20.00

6 for $25.00

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heat label