The Requirements for Bed Bug Treatment

You Must:

  • Have updated electrical system with 20-amp circuit breakers (No fuse boxes).
  • Be able to lift 50 lbs. to move equipment.
  • Remain on the premises at all times during treatment.

Rooms must be:

  • Smaller than 300 sq. ft. – larger rooms/ open concepts will require addition preparation and/ or equipment.
  • Sprinkler Heads: Capped/drained or properly insulated.

Heat Treatment Preparation Checklist

Must Do

  • Raise Mattress and Box Spring to expose enclosed bed frame
  • Move all furniture at least 1’ away from the wall
  • Open closet doors – clothes on hangers can stay in closet
  • Pull open dresser and night table drawers. Empty drawers if very full.
  • Unplug electronics – Flat Panel TV should be laid on flat surface with in screen downward position.
  • Remove Wax Items: Candles, crayons, deodorant, cosmetics.
  • Remove Combustible Items: Aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, fireworks and ammunition.
  • Remove Any Persons; Pets (including fish and birds) and plants (including seeds and bulbs): Place indoor plants in a protective environment well away from the treatment area.
  • Remove: Medicines, Vitamins and Supplements.
  • Secure loose papers and plastic bags
  • Special Care Required for Sprinkler Systems - *Permission from Property Owner or Management required before rental or service. (covers available upon request)
  • Turn off air conditioning. Close and/or seal heating & cooling supply vents and returns.
  • Fire alarms and burglar alarms (Notify your security company, if appropriate.)

Suggested to Do

  • Locate your breaker panel or fuse box in the basement, hall closet or kitchen
  • Heat clothing in dryer for 30 minutes on high before bringing back into room
  • Place all recently‚Äźused luggage in center of the room
  • For serious infestations (bed bug on walls) – Remove Switch Plates from outlets
  • Remove heat sensitive items: Acrylic or oil Paintings and valuable Photographs (if affected by infestation alternative treatment methods are available upon request).
  • Remove Valuable Electronics: TV’s, Gaming Systems, Computers and Tablets, Modems/Routers.
  • Remove Antiques, antique furniture, vinyl records/CD’s/DVD/etc.
  • Remove Musical instruments (if possible) – but leave the case in the room.
  • Craft items assembled with hot glue
  • Food: chocolates, candy, carbonated beverages, wine and fruit and vegetables
  • Plastic, Vinyl, or Faux Wood Blinds – Wash with hot soapy water upon removal.

*This is a suggested list. Bed Bug Texas will not be held liable for any damage to personal items left in the room at the time of treatment. NOTE: Pianos and other stringed instruments will be de-tuned by the heat. It is the owner’s responsibility to have these instruments re-tuned. Some adhesives/glues, self-stick used to hang wallpaper may dry out and come unglued at normal HEAT Treatment temperatures. In these cases, the HEAT Treatment must be done at a lower temperature and will require longer time to complete the work. However, some damage may still occur. We assume no responsibility of such damages.

Health Warnings

  • Persons with COPD, asthma or any other respiratory issues of any kind, should not be present while treatment is being done. They may return once the treated areas have return to regular occupied temperatures.
  • Persons with Heart or Circulatory aliments should not be involved in the treatment process and should remain in areas not affected by treatment. These persons may inhabit the treated areas once the rooms have returned to regular occupied temperatures.